Committee on International Relations
U.S. House of Representatives
Henry J. Hyde, Chairman

CONTACT: Sam Stratman, (202) 226-7875, December 7, 2004

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Hyde Comments on Passage

of Intelligence/Diplomacy Reform Legislation


            (WASHINGTON) U.S. Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-IL), chairman of the House International Relations Committee, commented Tuesday on passage of the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004:

America was ill-prepared for the attacks of September 11th.  Despite the destruction and grief we witnessed that day, the attacks of 9/11 gave us only the merest glimpse of the threat that international terrorism poses to this Nation and the world.

The timely and necessary changes contained in the reform package approved today constitute a vital step in further protecting our homeland against those who seek our destruction.

I regret that more consideration was not given to strengthening our immigration laws, which are sadly a source of weakness in our homeland defense. But given assurances by the House leadership of early consideration next year of measures to close loopholes in our immigration laws, I concluded that it was important to support the compromise in order to move forward with implementing some of the excellent intelligence and diplomatic reforms included in the legislation. 

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