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December 19, 2006: Remarks by the President in Signing of H.R. 5682, the U.S.-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act

December 13, 2006: Hyde Comments on New Reports of Corruption at the United Nations

December 12, 2006: Hyde Comments on Annan Farewell Speech

December 8, 2006: Hyde Comments on Passing of Former U.S. Ambassador to United Nations

December 8, 2006: Henry J. Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act of 2006 Conference Report Passes House

December 7, 2006: Ros-Lehtinen Selected Republican Ranking Member of House Committee on International Relations

December 7, 2006: Text of the Conference Report of the Henry J. Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act of 2006

December 7, 2006: Hyde Praises Department of Defense Support for Drug Enforcement Administration Efforts in Afghanistan (Ride-along policy essential to thwart growing threat from narco-terrorism)

December 5, 2006: House Passes Resolution Dedicating Room in Capitol to Hyde

December 5, 2006: Hyde Schedules Conference on United States and India Nuclear Cooperation Promotion Act of 2006

November 16, 2006: Hyde Awarded South Korea's Highest Civilian Honor

November 16, 2006: Hyde Releases GAO Report Detailing U.S. Exports of Dual-Use Technology

November 9, 2006: Hyde Honors our Nation's Veterans

November 9, 2006: Smith Schedules Tuesday Hearing to Examine Status and Framework for U.S. (Implementation of Hague Convention on International Adoptions)

November 6, 2006: Hyde Comments on Guilty Verdict for Saddam Hussein

October 24, 2006: Hyde Comments on Pelosi's Remarks Concerning War on Terror

October 24, 2006: Hyde/Kirk letter to Secretary Rumsfeld regarding opium crisis in Afghanistan

October 9, 2006: Hyde Condemns Claimed Nuclear Test by North Korea; Calls for immediate unified response from the international community

September 28, 2006: Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN (for herself, Mr. LANTOS, Mr. HYDE, and Mr. ACKER-MAN) introduced the following bill: H. R. 6198

September 26, 2006: Hyde Praises House Passage of the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act; Bill Punishes Those Who Have Committed Genocide and Enables Expanded Peacekeeping Operations

September 25, 2006: Recording Artist and Goodwill Ambassador Ricky Martin to Participant in U.S. House International Relations Committee Hearing on Human Trafficking

September 14, 2006: Wednesday Hearings Will Examine Major Problems in U.S.- Afghanistan Counterdrug and Terrorism Policies

September 14, 2006: Hyde Comments on Democratic Attack on the President’s Foreign Policy

September 13, 2006: Floor Statement of Chairman Henry J. Hyde; Resolution Commemorating the Victims of September 11, 2001

September 1, 2006: UN Human Rights Council Review; Rep. Chris Smith Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

August 25, 2006: Hyde and Lantos urge president of Palestinian Authority to help secure release of FOX NEWS journalists

August 22, 2006: Remarks of The Honorable Henry J. Hyde Following Wreath Laying at Statue of General Douglas MacArthur; Incheon, Republic of Korea, August 11, 2006

August 16, 2006: Hyde Comments on Visit to Guadalcanal; Commemorates WWII Battle on Sixty-First Anniversary of V-J Day

August 16, 2006: Hyde Comments on Visit to South Korea; WWII Veteran Supports Transfer of Operational Control of Republic of Korea Armed Forces; Pays Tribute to General MacArthur at Inchon

August 14, 2006: Hyde Comments on Visit to Singapore; WWII Generation Leaders Exchange Views on Staying the Course in the International Campaign Against Terrorism

August 13, 2006: GAO Report Finds Improvements Needed to Enhance U.S.’s Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

August 12, 2006: Hyde Comments on Visit to the Philippines; WWII Veteran leads bipartisan delegation to key ally in war on terror

July 27, 2006: Hyde Comments on House Passage of United States and India Nuclear Cooperation Promotion Act of 2006; Measure passes by a vote of 359 to 68

July 25, 2006: Chairman Burton to Review the International Aspects of Illegal Immigration; Specific Focus on the Regional Response

July 20, 2006: Hyde, Lantos Criticize State Department for Failing to Consult Congress Adequately on Arms Sale, Introduce Legislation   

July 12, 2006: Hyde Condemns Terrorist Attacks on Commuter Rails in India; Warns Democracies to Remain Vigilant

July 6, 2006: Hyde Calls for Unified International Response to North Korean Missile Crisis

June 30, 2006: Hyde Announces Staff Changes at House International Relations Committee

June 29, 2006: Hyde Remarks on United Nation’s Lifting of Spending Caps; Continued Need for Reform Cited 

June 27, 2006: Hyde remarks on Committee’s review of historic legislation concerning U.S.–India Nuclear Cooperation

June 26, 2006: Africa Safe Blood Review; Chris Smith Schedules Tuesday Oversight Hearing and Briefing

June 16, 2006: Hyde Leads House Debate on Iraq and Global War on Terrorism; H. Res. 861 passes House by a vote of 256 to 153

June 13, 2006: Hyde Hails Passage of the Iraq/Afghanistan War Supplemental; Increased Aid Appropriated for DEA in Afghanistan and for Colombian Navy in the Struggle against Illicit Drugs and Terror 

June 8, 2006: Hyde Comments on the Death of “al-Qaeda in Iraq” Leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

June 8, 2006: U.S. Food Aid Review, Rep. Chris Smith Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

May 24, 2006: U.S. Food Aid Review, Rep. Chris Smith Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

May 16, 2006: Hyde Comments on Normalization of Diplomatic Ties with Libya

April 26, 2006: Improving UN Oversight, Procurement; Hyde Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing with GAO; Long-Awaited GAO Audit Reports to be Released 

April 25, 2006: Children’s Rights in Northern Uganda; Chairman Smith Schedules Wednesday Hearing

April 25, 2006: U.S. & Mexico Relationship; Burton Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

April 25, 2006: Update on U.S.-Central Asia Policy; Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Hearing

March 16, 2006: Hyde Hails Increase in Aid to Colombian War On Narco-Terrorism; Hyde-Burton Amendment to Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act Approved 250-172

March 15, 2006: United Nations Reform Status; Hyde Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing with Ambassador Bolton 

March 15, 2006: Global Human Rights Review; Chris Smith Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing 

March 13, 2006: Hyde: Hearings on U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation Set to Begin Later in March 

March 8, 2006: Hyde Legislation to Sanction Perpetrators of Genocide in Darfur Reported by HIRC; Full House Vote on Hyde Bill is Next Step 

March 8, 2006: Afghanistan Progress Report; Ros-Lehtinen, Rohrabacher Schedule Thursday Hearing

March 7, 2006: What Course for Palestinians after Elections? Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

March 7, 2006: What Next for the U.S.-European Relationship? Gallegly Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing 

March 7, 2006: U.S. Policy & Iran: Next Steps; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

March 7, 2006: What Direction for the U.S. in East Asia? Leach Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

March 2, 2006: Hyde Comments on Proposed U.S.-India Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

March 1, 2006: Western Hemisphere Energy Security; Burton Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

March 1, 2006: Assessing 'Rights' under Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty; Royce Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

March 1, 2006: U.S. Policy Toward Palestinians; Hyde Schedules Thursday Full Committee Hearing 

February 6, 2006: What Direction for Human Rights in Burma?; Leach, Smith Schedule Tuesday Joint Oversight Hearing 

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December 16, 2005: Mr. HYDE submitted the following resolution; Expressing the commitment of the House of Representatives to achieving victory in Iraq.  

December 14, 2005: Hyde Hails Passage of Patriot Act & New Criminal Offense of Narco-Terrorism  

December 14, 2005: Royce, Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Call for Charles Taylor to be Brought to Justice: Bipartisan, Bicameral Group Contacts Secretary Rice ahead of Thursday’s meeting with Liberian President-Elect Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  

December 7, 2005: Report of HIRC’s Findings on UN Oil-for-Food Program; Hyde Says Results Lend Urgency to UN Reform Efforts 

December 6, 2005: Avian Flu: Addressing the Global Threat; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

November 9, 2005: Germany After the Election: Implications for U.S.-German Relations; Gallegly Schedules Oversight Hearing Today

November 9, 2005: A Review of Public Diplomacy; Hyde Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing on U.S. Public Diplomacy Abroad; Karen Hughes to Testify 

November 8, 2005: Illicit Drug Transit Zone in Central America; Burton Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

November 7, 2005: H. CON. RES. 260; Recognizing the 40th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions, Nostra Aetate, and the continuing need for mutual interreligious respect and dialogue.

October 28, 2005: H.Res. 523: Condemning Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threats against Israel

October 28, 2005: The Committee on International Relations, to whom was referred the bill (H.R. 1973) to make access to safe water and sanitation for developing countries a specific policy objective of the United States foreign assistance programs, and for other purposes, having considered the same, reports favorably thereon with an amendment and recommends that the bill as amended do pass.

October 27, 2005: Hyde Statement on UN Oil-for-Food Report

October 26, 2005: U.S. Security Policy in Central Asia; Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Thursday Hearing

October 26, 2005: Implementing North Korean Human Rights Act; Leach & Smith Schedule Thursday Joint Hearing

October 26, 2005: U.S. Counterterrorism Update; Royce Schedules Thursday Hearing to Examine National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

October 25, 2005: U.S.-India Nuclear Partnership; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing to Examine Nuclear Nonproliferation Issues

October 18, 2005: South Asia Earthquake: Impact and Humanitarian Response; Leach Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

October 18, 2005: Africa Growth and Opportunity Act: A Five Year Assessment; Smith Schedules Thursday Hearing to Examine Trade Pact

October 18, 2005: Policy Overview of Caribbean Region Burton Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

October 5, 2005: India’s Unfinished Agenda: Equality and Justice for Victims of Caste System; Smith Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

October 5, 2005: Six-Party Talks and North Korean Nuclear Issue: Old Wine in New Bottles? Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing with Asst. Sec’ty Hill

September 21, 2005: Afghanistan After Parliamentary Elections; Hyde Schedules Thursday Examination of U.S. Policy 

September 20, 2005: U.S. & Southeast Asia: Developments, Trends, and Policy Choices; Leach Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Issues 

September 20, 2005: Middle East Peace & U.S. Priorities; Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Peace Process after Gaza Disengagement

September 19, 2005: Microenterprise Results & Accountability Act of 2004; Rep. Chris Smith Schedules Tuesday Hearing to Examine U.S. Microenterprise Policies and Outcomes

September 12, 2005: Protecting Street Children; Smith Schedules Tuesday Hearing to Examine Conditions of Street Children

September 8, 2005: U.S. & India: An Emerging Entente?Hyde Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing to Examine Nuclear and Security Issues Announced in July

September 7, 2005: Hyde Urges UN Reform in Wake of Volcker Report Detailing Criminal Abuses of Oil-for-Food Program

August 1, 2005: Hyde Comments on Death of Sudan’s John Garang

August 1, 2005: Hyde Comments on Bolton Appointment

July 27, 2005; China’s Influence in Africa; Smith Schedules Thursday Hearing

July 26, 2005; Building Democracy in Ukraine; Gallegly Schedules Wednesday Hearing

July 26, 2005; U.S. Diplomacy in Latin America; Burton Schedules Wednesday Hearing

July 26, 2005; Lebanon at Crossroads; Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing

July 26, 2005; Syria and UN Oil-for-Food Scandal; Rohrabacher, Ros-Lehtinen Schedule Wednesday Joint Subcommittee Hearing  

July 13, 2005; North Korean Nuclear Negotiations; Leach Schedules Thursday Hearing to Examine Strategies for Successful End to North Korea’s Nuclear Program 

June 29, 2005; Nonproliferation Agenda and G-8 Summit; Royce Schedules Thursday Hearing to Examine Nonproliferation at Upcoming G-8 Summit

June 29, 2005; G-8 Summit and African Development; Smith Schedules Thursday Hearing on Foreign Aid and Debt Relief Programs to Africa

June 28, 2005; Iraq’s Path to Democracy; Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Iraq’s Transition to Democracy

June 21, 2005; EU Constitution: Post Referenda; Gallegly Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Future of European Constitution and U.S.-EU Relations

June 21, 2005; Sudan & U.S. Policy; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Review Darfur Genocide, Peace Implementation & Reconstruction

June 17, 2005; Human Rights & Religious Freedom in Vietnam; Smith Schedules Monday Oversight Hearing in Advance of U.S. Visit of Vietnam’s Prime Minister

June 13, 2005; U.S. Relations with South Asia: a Review; Leach Schedules Tuesday Hearing with Rocca, Others

June 07, 2005; Hyde Introduces UN Reform Legislation; Links U.S. Dues Payments to Measurable Reform; Legislative Markup Scheduled Wednesday in Committee

May 25, 2005; United States Interests in Northeast Asia; Leach Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

May 18, 2005; Reforming UN Management & Budget; Hyde Schedules Thursday Briefing & Hearing to Discuss Proposals with UN’s Malloch Brown and Bertini

May 17, 2005; UN Peacekeeping Reform; Smith Schedules Wednesday Hearing on Accountability and Integrity in UN Peacekeeping Actions

May 11, 2005; Annual Report on Terrorism; Royce Schedules Thursday Hearing to Review State Department’s Terrorism Report

May 10, 2005; State of U.S.-Turkish Relations; Gallegly’s Wednesday Hearing to Examine Bilateral Relationship and Progress of Democracy in Turkey

May 10, 2005; Plan Colombia: Successes & Challenges; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Examination; Speaker Hastert to Testify

May 05, 2005; Hyde Announces Subpoena of Documents of Former UN Oil-for-Food Investigator; Document Delivery Completed Thursday Morning

May 04, 2005; Promoting Stability in Ethiopia and Eritrea; Smith’s Thursday Hearing to Examine Ethiopian-Eritrean Relations and Means to Promote Democracy and Human Rights in Region

May 04, 2005; Promoting Democracy through Diplomacy; Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing to Examine U.S. Methods of Supporting Democracy Abroad

May 03, 2005; 9/11 Implementation Act Oversight, Part I: Oppressors vs. Reformers in Middle East; Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

May 03, 2005; Starving Terrorists of Money: Role of Middle Eastern Financial Institutions Royce, Kelly Schedule Wednesday Joint Oversight Hearing

April 27, 2005: BNP/Paribas, Oil-for-Food and Third Party Payments; Rohrabacher Schedules Thursday Hearing to Examine Bank’s Role in Oil for Food Program

April 26, 2005: Islamic Extremism in Europe; Gallegly Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Threats Islamic Extremists Pose to U.S.

April 26, 2005: Reviewing the Millennium Challenge Account; Hyde’s Wednesday Hearing to Examine the Millennium Challenge Account’s Effectiveness

April 26, 2005: Combating Malaria and Tuberculosis; Christopher Smith Schedules Tuesday Hearing on Implementing Proven Treatment and Eradication Methods

April 21, 2005: Hyde Urges Volcker Commission to Address Issues Raised by U.S. Indictments

April 20, 2005: Political Liberalization in the Arab World; Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing to Examine Reform Progress

April 19, 2005: Middle East & United Nations; Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Hearing on UN Efforts in Region

April 19, 2005: Gangs and Crime in Latin America; Burton Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Threat of Gangs and Increasing Crime Rates in Western Hemisphere

April 19, 2005: Emergence of a Changing Japan; Leach Schedules Wednesday Hearing

April 18, 2005: UN Commission on Human Rights Reform Smith Schedules Tuesday Hearing Featuring Bob Fu, Chinese Activist Booted from UN Human Rights Convention for Exposing Chinese Torture Methods

April 14, 2005: Hyde Comments on Indictments in Oil-for-Food Scandal

April 13, 2005: Implications of Lifting the EU-China Arms Embargo; Hyde/Hunter Schedule Thursday Joint HIRC/HASC Hearing

April 13, 2005: Averting Nuclear Terrorism; Royce Schedules Thursday Hearing on Non-Proliferation Efforts

April 12, 2005: U.S. Trade Agreements with Latin America; Burton Schedules Wednesday Review

April 12, 2005: Two-Year Review of Hyde-Lantos AIDS Bill; Wednesday Hearing Details Vulnerabilities in U.S. Response

April 7, 2005: Hyde Releases GAO Report Detailing Weaknesses in U.S. Weapons Export Policy Since 9/11 Intends to Introduce Legislation to Overhaul U.S. Arms Export Controls to Deal with Export Risks of the War on Terror

April 6, 2005: Mr. HYDE (for himself and Mr. LANTOS) submitted House Resolution Honoring the life and achievements of His Holiness Pope John Paul II and expressing profound sorrow on his death.

April 5, 2005: China, Taiwan & Anti-Secession Law; Leach Schedules Wednesday Hearing on China Policy

April 5, 2005: China’s Influence in the Western Hemisphere; Burton Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

March 16, 2005: Hyde Comments on Wolfowitz Nomination to World Bank “…a superb and dedicated public servant”

March 16, 2005: United Nations and the Fight Against Terrorism; Royce schedules Thursday hearing to examine issue

March 16, 2005: War on Narcotics in Afghanistan; Hyde schedules Thursday hearing on efforts to curb drug trade

March 15, 2005: Witness to Fraud in UN Oil for Food Program; Former UN employee set to testify Thursday about his work in Iraq; Officials with UN inspection firms in Iraq also to testify

March 15, 2005: Approaching Reengagement with Libya; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing

March 14, 2005: Hyde Lauds Millennium Challenge Corporation For Approval of First Compact Country

March 14, 2005: Challenges & Prospects for U.N. Reform; Hyde Schedules Tuesday Afternoon Hearing with Testimony from Albright, Kirkpatrick & Holbrooke

March 9, 2005: Eliminating Terrorist Sanctuaries; Royce Schedules Hearing on Role of U.S. Security Assistance

March 9, 2005: North Korean Nuclear Crisis; Hyde Schedules Hearing on Six Party Talks to Limit Proliferation

March 9, 2005: Implications of Recent Indonesia Reform; Leach Schedules Thursday Hearing on U.S. Policy

March 8, 2005: Democracy & Latin America; Burton Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Issue 

March 8, 2005: Overview of U.S Support for Palestine; Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Hearing on U.S. Policy Changes

March 2, 2005: Political & Human Rights Abuses in Cuba; Burton, Smith Schedule Thursday Joint Hearing

March 2, 2005: Algeria’s Struggle Against Terrorism; Royce Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

March 1, 2005: United Nations Operations: Growing Questions, Criticisms About Integrity and Accountability; Rohrabacher Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

March 1, 2005: Political Turmoil in Nepal; Leach Schedules Hearing on Growing Calamity

February 23, 2005: Chairman Hyde’s oped in today’s The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe and The Asian Wall Street Journal.

February 17, 2005: North Korea Proliferation Challenge; Leach Hearing on Possible Solutions to Resolve Nuclear Threat

February 16, 2005: Budget Discussion with Secretary of State; Hyde Schedules Hearing with Condoleezza Rice on 2006 Budget

February 9, 2005: The Future of the Middle East Peace Process; Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing on Possible Steps To Further the Peace Process

February 3, 2005: Hyde Comments on Release of UN Commission Interim Report on Oil-for-Food Investigation

February 1, 2005: Hyde Questions Findings of UN Commission of Inquiry on Darfur

January 27, 2005: Hyde Announces Subcommittee Chairs; Panel on Oversight and Investigations Formed

January 25, 2005: Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing on U.S. Aid and Relief in Southeast Asia Disaster Areas; Draft Legislation in Progress

January 18, 2005: Hyde Remarks on Conviction of American in Oil-for-Food Scandal

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December 30, 2004:  Hyde Developing Aid Package for Victims of South Asian Tsunami - Leach Set to Travel to Disaster Area in January

December 7, 2004:  Hyde Comments on Passage of Intelligence/Diplomacy Reform Legislation

December 1, 2004:  Hyde Observes World AIDS Day

December 1, 2004:  Chairman Hyde to Speak Thursday in Hong Kong on China's Impact on International System and its Choice Between Democratic Cooperation and Authoritarian Nationalism

November 18, 2004:  Hyde Statement on U.N. Report Announcing Substantial Increases in Afghan Opium Production

November 16, 2004:  Colombian Drug Trafficking: Hearing to examine Europe’s role and progress in fighting narco-terrorism

November 15, 2004:  Hyde remarks on Powell Resignation

October 25, 2004:  Loyola University, USAID Ink Deal to Create Henry Hyde Program of People-to-People Development to Foster Democracy and Civil Society Initiatives in Cuba

October 22, 2004:  9-11 Commission Chairmen Endorse Foreign Policy Provisions in House Bill

October 6, 2004:  Hyde Comments on Duelfer Report Conclusions on U.N. Oil for Food Scandal

October 5, 2004:  U.S.-Andean Trade Disputes

October 5, 2004:  Establishing Religious Freedom Abroad

October 1, 1004:  Hyde Addresses Graduates of Institute of World Politics

September 28, 2004:  Remarks of The Honorable Henry J. Hyde at the Olympic Laurel Wreath Presentation Ceremony U.S. BOTANIC GARDEN

September 24, 2004:  9-11 Commission Legislation:  Hyde Outlines Proposed Foreign Policy Changes; Summary of Hyde Proposals in 9-11 Commission Legislation

September 22, 2004:  Security Afghan Democracy

September 21, 2004:  Dismantling Weapons of Mass Destruction

September 21, 2004:  Environmental Policy in Asia

September 9, 2004:  Floor Statement of The Honorable Henry J. Hyde in Support of the 9-11 Resolution

August 23, 2004:  9-11 Commission & U.S. Diplomacy

August 18, 2004:  Defending America: State Department's Mission in Age of Terrorism

July 13, 2004:  Rep. Leach to Examine Islam & Politics in Asia; Hearing focus on Islam’s diverse presence across continent

July 12, 2004:  Royce to Host Korean Interparliamentary Exchange; Security, trade to be among top issues discussed;
Media availability scheduled Tuesday afternoon in Rayburn

July 6, 2004:  Promoting Democracy and Human Rights Abroad; Subcommittee Hearing to Address Democracy, Human Rights; Review State Department Report on U.S. Efforts

June 22, 2004: Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing on Security Threat from Stolen Passports

June 21, 2004:  Hyde Schedules Tuesday Full Committee Hearing on International Child Abductions & Related Legislation

June 15, 2004:  Bereuter: NATO Failure in Afghanistan Possible Unless Allies Provide Fair Share

April 27, 2004:  Alleged Abuses & Oil-for-Food Program

March 24, 2004:  Political & Economic Developments in Burma

March 23, 2004:  Safety & Security of Peace Corps Volunteers

March 23, 2004:  Saudi Arabia's Role in Combating International Terrorism

March 17, 2004:  Hyde Floor Statement on Iraq Resolution

March 17, 2004:  U.S.-Russia Relations in Putin's Second Term

February 25, 2004 Hyde Schedules First in Series of Hearings on Effectiveness of U.S. Foreign Assistance: Does U.S. Have Overall Strategy for Assistance Programs?

February 10, 2004:  Hyde Schedules Oversight Hearing Examining Links Between Terrorism and Heroin Trade in Afghanistan

February 3, 2004:  Royce Champions Congo Basin Forest Partnership; Legislation clears House-Senate; Ready for President's OK

February 2, 2004:  Hyde to Examine Abuses in L-VISA Program

January 22, 2004:  Chairman Hyde Praises Japan's Decision to Send Military Forces to Iraq

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December 11: 2003:  Ballenger Returns From Venezuela Expressing Optimism
About Fair and Open Process for Possible Chavez Recall

December 10, 2003:  Hyde Remarks on Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

November 19, 2003:  Saddam Hussein & Human Rights Abuses

November 18, 2003:  Afghanistan Constitution and Prospects for Democracy; HIRC hearing on political developments scheduled Wednesday

October 1, 2003:  Hyde Comments on Release of Report Critical to U.S. Public Diplomacy Efforts

September 15, 2003: The Atlantic Marketplace: The Honorable Henry J. Hyde, The Chicago Conference on the Global Economy; Summary

September 15, 2003:  Rep. Cass Ballenger Comments on Certification of Guatemala

July 14, 2003:  House Prevents FDA From Blocking Reimportation of Cheaper Prescription Drugs; FDA can't prevent individuals from buying prescription drugs elsewhere

July 8, 2003:  Human Rights, Democracy and U.S. Policy; Hearing examines U.S. goals, strategies, and programs to promote democracy, human rights worldwide

June 25, 2003:  Restructuring U.S. defense Forces in Asia; Leach schedules Thursday examination of possible scenarios

June 24, 2003:  Human Trafficking for Slavery, Prostitution; Gallegly Schedules Wednesday Human Rights Hearing

June 24, 2003:  U.S. Commercial & Trade Policy in East Asia; Leach Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

June 18, 2003:  Hyde Schedules Afghanistan Hearing; Questions on reconstruction efforts, security issues

June 13, 2003:  Hyde, Lantos Urge Powell to Release Funds for Sierra Leone Court Facing Security Threats

June 12, 2003:  Committee Approves Historic Change in U.S. Foreign Assistance Programs;
Hyde-Lantos Millennium Challenge Act Passes 31-4

June 11, 2003:  Hyde Announces Thursday Markup; Sixteen measures to be reported including Millennium Challenge Account Authorization, Peace Corps expansion; Burma sanctions legislation

June 10, 2003:  Roadmap to Peace in Middle East; Hyde Schedules Hearing with Assistant Secretary Burns

June 10, 2003:  U.S. & Europe: A View from the U.S.; Bereuter Inaugurates First of Two Hearings on Relationship

June 9, 2003:  Recent Developments in Southeast Asia; Rep. Leach Schedules Tuesday Subcommittee Hearing

June 3, 2003:  U.S. Nonproliferation Policy After Iraq

May 21, 2003:  Floor Statement of the Honorable Henry J. Hyde on H.R. 1298, The United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003

May 16, 2003:  Hyde Comments on Passage of HIV/AIDS Bill

May 14, 2003:  Iraq Reconstruction: A Post-War Status Report; Hyde schedules hearing with Administration witnesses

May 13, 2003:  International Cooperation in Reducing Threat of WMD: Part II; Bereuter, Gallegly schedule joint hearing on CTR initiative

May 12, 2003:  Is Peace Within Reach in Sudan?  Rep. Boyce schedules oversight hearing on Sudan Peace Act

May 1, 2003:  Floor Statement of Chairman Hyde re H.R. 1298

May 1, 2003:  News/Background Memo re H.R. 1298, The United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act of 2003 introduced by U.S. Rep. Henry J. Hyde

April 15, 2003:  Castro's Brutal Crackdown on Dissidents; Rep. Chris Smith Examines Latest Human Rights Abuses at Wednesday Hearing; Dissidents Scheduled to Testify

April 11, 2003:  Hyde Urges Iraqi Children's Fund; An opportunity for Americans to donate funds for benefit of young Iraqis

April 10, 2003:  Now is Time to Resolve Cyprus Problem; House of Representatives Urges Action Before EU Accession

April 8, 2003:  Balkans on Threshold of New Era or Old Chaos?  Rep. Bereuter Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

April 7, 2003:  Curbing Trade in Diamonds Linked to Terrorism; Reps. Houghton, Smith lead successful effort to pass legislation

April 3, 2003:  Atlas Before the Court: Peace and stability in the world are mainly due to the U.S.

March 31, 2003:  U.S. Response to East African Famines and the Future Oulook for Food Aid in Africa

March 26, 2003:  U.S. Aid to Central, Southeastern Europe

March 25, 2003:  Overview of Int'l Terror Organizations; Rep. Gallegly Schedules Oversight Hearing

March 25, 2003:  U.S. Policy & Southeast Asia; Rep. Leach Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

March 19, 2003:  The U.S. and South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for American Interests; Rep. Leach Schedules Thursday Subcommittee Oversight Hearing

March 18, 2003:  Poverty & Terrorism: MEPI as a Solution; Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

March 17, 2003:  Hyde Comments on Prospects for War with Saddam

March 17, 2003:  Hyde, Lantos, Others Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Combat Worldwide HIV/AIDS Threat

March 12, 2003:  Priorities for U.S. Policy in Europe; Rep. Bereuter Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

March 10, 2003:  Congo Basin and the Struggle to Save One of the World's Most Important Ecosystems; Rep. Edward Royce Schedules Tuesday Oversight Hearing

March 7, 2003: Bereuter Urges Greek and Turkish Cypriot Leaders to Schedule Simultaneous Referenda on Future of Island

March 5, 2003: Accountability and U.S. Foreign Assistance: Legislating the Millennium Challenge Account

February 25, 2003: Russian Policy Toward Iran and Iraq; Hyde schedules Wednesday hearing with Russian parliamentarian

February 12, 2003: The Pathology of Success: Hyde's Remarks at Hearing with Secretary Powell

February 11, 2003:  The Prospects for Peace in Ivory Coast; Rep. Royce Schedules Wednesday Subcommittee Oversight Hearing

February 5, 2003: Hyde Comments on Powell Report on Iraq

January 27, 2003: Hyde Announces Subcommittee Chairs; New Terrorism Subcommittee Led by Rep. Gallegly

January 27, 2003: Hyde Remarks on UNMOVIC/IAEA Reports: "Disarmament cannot succeed if inspectors are reduced to playing hide and seek."

January 20, 2003:  Remarks by Chairman Henry J. Hyde before the Global Partnership, London, England; Protecting Against the Spread of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons: An Action Agenda for the Global Partnership

January 14, 2003:  Hyde Criticizes UN Member Support for Libya's Chairmanship of Human Rights Panel; Hyde Cites Failure to Account for Pan Am Terrorist Bombing

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December 19, 2002:  Hyde Comments on Iraq Weapons Report

October 8, 2002:  Statement of the Honorable Henry J. Hyde Before the U.S. House of Representatives; H.J.Res. 114, authorization for the Use of Force Against Iraq

October 3, 2002:  Hyde Urges Approval of Iraq Resolution; Committee Begins Second Day of Deliberations:

"Saddam Hussein is restrained in his efforts to do us harm only by the limits of his ability to do so, and he is racing to free himself from those limits. With every day, the onslaught that he is preparing for us approaches ever closer."

September 17, 2002:  Hyde Comments on Iraqi Letter to UN Announcing Return of Weapons Inspectors: "Despite Iraq's offer to permit inspectors back into the country 'without conditions,' there is no doubt that the UN will soon discover numerous strings attached to this thinly disguised offer."

August 21, 2002:  Hyde Meets with Russian Officials in Moscow; Seeks Clarification on Moscow's Relations with Iran and Iran

July 22, 2002:  Marshall Plan for Middle East; Hyde opens hearings Wednesday to examine economic development and integration as catalyst for peace

June 26, 2002:  Good Governance, Accountability in Africa Hyde schedules Thursday hearing on U.S. aid programs; Secretary O’Neill to outline results of study tour of Africa

June 25, 2002:  Homeland Security and Consular Services; Hyde schedules Wednesday hearing on legislation to coordinate visa issuance functions of State with Homeland department

June 24, 2002:  Hyde Reaction to Bush Speech on Middle East

June 17, 2002:  Public Diplomacy and U.S. Foreign Policy; Hyde:  "Our focus on relations with foreign governments and international organizations has led us to overlook a set of powerful allies: the peoples of the world"

June 17, 2002: Freedom Protection Act of 2002; Introduced by U.S. Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-IL), Chairman, Housel International Relations Committee

June 12, 2002:  Southern African Nations on Brink of Famine; 12 Million at Risk from Collapsing Agricultural Economies; Hyde Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

June 3, 2002: U.S./Sudan Policy in the Wake of Danforth Report; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing on Peace Process

May 21, 2002:  International Adoptions vs. U.S. Immigration Law; Hyde schedules oversight hearing to examine INS and State in facilitating adoptions by U.S. parents, halting abuses

May 21, 2002:  What Future for the U.S. & Saudi Arabia; Relationship to be examined at Wednesday hearing

May 20, 2002: Hyde Praises Bush Initiative on Cuba: "...President has properly refocused attention on violations of human rights...and the lack of democracy in Cuba."

May 15, 2002:  Introduction of Senate AIDS Bill Sets Stage for Negotiation with House on Authorization Legislation; Hyde says Senate decision to introduce companion to House-passed legislation means progress on stalled bill

May 7, 2002:  Floor Remarks of Chairman Henry H. Hyde on H. Res. 412, Expression of Sympathy for Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

May 6, 2002: Hyde Praises Decision by Bush Administration to Unsign Treaty Establishing Int’l Criminal Court

April 23, 2002:  Colombia, Drugs and Global Terrorism; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing on Findings of HIRC Investigation

April 16, 2002:  NATO Enlargement & Transformation; Gallegly to Examine Agenda for Upcoming Prague Summit

April 16, 2002: AIDS & Children: Prevention and Care in Afrida; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing on Legislation

April 11, 2002: Hyde, Others Seek Immunity from ICC Jurisdiction for U.S. Servicemembers in UN Peacekeeping Operations

April 10, 2002:  War on Terrorism and U.S. Policy in Colombia; HIRC Schedules Thursday Hearing with Otto Reich, Others

April 4, 2002:  Hyde Praises Bush Decision to Send Secretary Powell on Peace Mission

March 20, 2002: Hyde Praises Bush Administration Decision to Deny North Korea Nuclear Certification

March 14, 2002:  Hyde Introduced Reform of U.S. Public Diplomacy; Will Improve America’s Outreach to International Mass Audiences Legislation Expected to be Reported by Committee on March 20

March 13, 2002:  Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing on Afghanistan Freedom Support Act

March 12, 2002:  U.S. Europe in the New Century; Gallegly Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Issues

March 6, 2002:  Remarks of the Honorable Henry J. Hyde: "The U.S., China, and the Future of East Asia"

February 27, 2002:  Zimbabwe's Descent into Political Crisis; Thursday Hearing to Examine March 9-10 Scheduled Election

February 26, 2002:  How Well are International Criminal Tribunals Working: Hyde Schedules Thursday Oversight Hearing

February 12, 2002:  Persecution of Religious Faithful in China, Vietnam; Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen Schedules Feb. 13 Hearing with Victims of Human Rights Abuses

February 5, 2002:  Hyde Announces 2002 Priorities for International Relations Committee; Secretary Powell to Testify February 6 on Budget Request

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December 19, 2001:  House Acts on Resolution Critical of Saddam Hussein; Failure to permit UN weapons inspections in Iraq poses “mounting threat” to U.S., allies

December 6, 2001: Hyde Global HIV/AIDS Legislation Scheduled for House Vote December 11

December 6, 2001:  Chairman Henry Hyde Floor Remarks re Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2001, H.R. 3005

December 4, 2001:  House Enacts Zimbabwean Democracy Act; Hyde: Legislation Takes Aim at Repressive Mugabe Regime

December 4, 2001:  Chemical & Biological Agents as Weapons; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Sources

November 28, 2001:  Putting a Stop to Trafficking in Humans; Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing to Assess Implementation of 2000 Law to Curb Slavery

November 12, 2001:  America is the Message:  Rethinking Public Policy; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing on Winning Hearts and Minds Overseas

October 30, 2001:  Hyde Remarks before the Africa Trade Economic Cooperation Forum

October 16, 2001:  Afghanistan, U.S. & Food Relief; Hyde Examines U.S. Role in Effort to Prevent Famine

October 12, 2001:  Chairman Hyde Statement on "USA Act of 2001," H.R. 3108

October 9, 2001:  Can U.S. Win Hearts & Minds of World Community?  Hyde Schedules Hearing on Role of Public Diplomacy in Winning Anti-Terrorism War

October 2, 2001:  Al Qaeda & Global Reach of Terrorism; Hyde Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

September 26, 2001:  As World Responds to Terrorist Threat, U.S. Must Develop Longer Term Foreign Policy Strategy, Hyde Urges

September 12, 2001:  Hyde Floor Statement Regarding Terrorist Attacks on U.S.

September 11, 2001:  Hyde Comments on Terrorist Attacks

September 6, 2001:  "President Bush is giving this issue the stature it has long deserved"

August 24, 2001:  Hyde Speaks on Future of Democracy in China

July 25, 2001:  What's Next for North Korea & U.S.?  Rep. Leach Schedules Thursday Hearing on Bush Policy Review

July 23, 2001: Dayton Peace Accord and Bosnia - Six Years After Settlement How Close to Peace is Bosnia?  Hyde Schedules Wednesday Oversight Hearing

July 17, 2001:  Indonesia in Crisis:  What Does it Mean for U.S.?

July 13, 2001:  Hyde Comments on Olympic Announcement

July 13, 2001:  Hyde Proposed Commonwealth of the Americas; Urges Closer Political, Economic & Security Ties in Hemisphere

June 27, 2001:  House Committee Approves Global AIDS Funds; Hyde:  "AIDS pandemic is one of the great moral challenges of our era, and threatens the stability of the Globe"

June 20, 2001:  Remarks of the Honorable Henry J. Hyde Re Foreign Policy in the New Century

June 15, 2001:  U.S. Scholars Detained in China; Hyde Schedules Tuesday Hearing on Jailed Academics

June 13, 2001:  Floor Statement of Henry J. Hyde during Consideration of H.R. 2052, the Sudan Peace Act

May 23, 2001: Religious Freedom: A Global View; Hyde Schedules Thursday Hearing with U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom

May 21, 2001:  Hyde Comments on Report of Commission on Middle East Peace

May 21, 2001:  Balancing Commerce and National Security: Hyde Schedules Wednesday Hearing on Export Administration Act

May 10, 2001:  Hyde Urges Support for State Department Budget Bill

May 3, 2001:  Hyde Comments on Vote to Remove U.S. from U.N. Human Rights Commission: "This commission includes some of the world's premier human rights violators"

April 24, 2001:  Hearing on U.S.-European Issues Scheduled Wednesday

April 23, 2001:  U.S.-China Relations After Hainan Standoff; Rep. Leach Schedules Wednesday Hearing to Examine Issues

April 11, 2001:  Hyde Praises Bush Handling of Crisis

April 2, 2001:  Hyde Urges Prompt Release of Navy Crew

March 30, 2001: Hyde Comments:  Hyde Comments on Reported Arrest of Milosevic

March 26, 2001:  Reps. Royce, Ros-Lehtinen Schedule Hearing on Sudan; Millions Dead, Displaced in World's Longest Running Civil War

March 19, 2001:  Hyde Remarks at AIPAC Policy Conference Plenary Session

March 16, 2001:  Rep. Gallegly, Others, Say U.S. Involvement Crucial in Success of Northern Ireland Peace Process

March 14, 2001:  Hyde Remarks at Reception Honoring Czech Emissaries of Freedom

March 6, 2001:  Hyde Invites Secretary Powell to Testify

March 2, 2001:  Letter to President Bush on North Korea Policy

February 28, 2001:  Hyde Address to Asia Society: "A Congressional Perspective on Asia at the Outset of the Bush Administration"

February 16, 2001: Hyde Reacts to Allied Airstrike on Iraq

February 13, 2001:  Hyde Invites Panel to Critique State Department; Reauthorization of Department Begins with Hearing on Wednesday

February 1, 2001:  Hyde Names Subcommittee Chairs; Top Issues Include State Reauthorization, Trade, Export Administration Act, International Criminal Court

January 31, 2001:  Hyde Comments on Pan Am 103 Verdict

January 17, 2001:  Hyde Condemns Cuban Arrest of Czech Member of Parliament

January 4, 2001:  Hyde Named Chairman of House International Relations Committee

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