Vital U.S. national security interests are at stake across the globe. The Committee has held hearings and is advancing legislation to protect our nation from critical threats including the Iranian nuclear program and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by and to rogue regimes
The Committee is focused on standing up for human rights and U.S. values around the world, and shedding a light on serial human rights abusers.
Important alliances across the globe help promote and advance our foreign policy objectives and national security interests. Committee members work to enhance vibrant partnerships in critical regions of the world.
The U.S. must be competitive abroad in order to be prosperous at home.
The U.S. foreign relations and foreign aid budgets must reflect the economic reality that our country currently faces. The Committee is working to lock-in spending cuts, identify new cuts, and implement needed reform to increase efficiently and eliminate wasteful programs.
The Committee exercises strong oversight of the Executive Branch and international organizations and is pursuing numerous common-sense solutions to save U.S. tax dollars, eliminate wasteful programs, and promote U.S. interests.