Working With America's Allies

Important alliances across the globe help promote and advance our foreign policy objectives and national security interests.  Committee members work to enhance vibrant partnerships in critical regions of the world.

One specific focus of the Committee is the critical U.S.-Israel alliance.  The Committee has held hearings on shared security interests, such as the Iranian nuclear threat and extremist groups in the Middle East, which threaten U.S. and Israeli security alike. 

The Committee has also held hearings examining the U.S. relationships with Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, respectively, which are important allies in a region of the world threatened by Chinese and North Korean aggression.  Another hearing focused on U.S. policy towards Latin America, with Committee Members emphasizing the importance of the U.S. alliances with Colombia, Panama, and other regional democracies which work closely with the U.S. to combat illicit activity, such as narcotrafficking, and stand up for democracy against anti-democratic regimes in the region.