H.R. 2106

Syria Freedom Support Act

The Syria Freedom Support Act is a bi-partisan bill that strengthens sanctions against the Syrian regime until the President certifies to Congress that the regime has ended its pursuit of unconventional weapons programs and support for violent extremists, respects the boundaries of sovereign neighboring countries such as Lebanon, and does not pose a threat to U.S. national security interests and allies.


The Syrian regime has long posed a serious threat to U.S. security and that of our allies in the region.  The regime supports extremist organizations such as Hezbollah, and pursues illegal biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear weapons.  The regime also poses a threat to the Syrian people, and in recent weeks and months has ratcheted up its brutal repression. 

This bill imposes mandatory sanctions against persons that transfer or retransfer tools or technology that can aid Syria’s efforts to obtain WMDs and their delivery systems.  The bill requires the President to impose mandatory sanctions against persons investing $5 million or more in aiding Syria’s ability to develop oil or gas resources.  The bill also declares that it shall be U.S. policy to support the emergence of a democratic government in Syria, and authorizes the President to provide assistance and other support for individuals and independent nongovernmental organizations to support a transition to a freely elected, internationally-recognized democratic government in Syria.

STATUS: H.R. 2106 was approved by the Committee on March 7, 2012.


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