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U.S. Representative John Boozman (R-AR), Co-chairman of the Congressional Malaria Caucus today was recognized for his efforts to raise awareness of malaria and eradicate the disease worldwide. Malaria No More, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to reach the goal of ridding the world of malaria presented Boozman with the Malaria Champions Award.

“Serving on the Africa and Global Health Subcommittee I have had the opportunity to travel to Africa on several occasions, the latest just three weeks ago. I have seen first hand the devastation malaria causes the young and the poor. The good news is that this disease is preventable, treatable and curable, but it will take the efforts of countries worldwide to stop the tragedy from continuing, and I am committed to working to make that happen.” Boozman said.

Malaria is a parasitic disease that claims the lives of nearly 3,000 African children each day- that’s about one child every 30 seconds. Spraying homes with insecticides in targeted areas and providing families insecticide-treated bed nets to sleep under are methods to prevent malaria. There are also medicines that treat malaria.

April 25th of each year is recognized internationally as Africa Malaria Day and in the United States as Malaria Awareness Day. In honor of this day Boozman has attended weeklong events including a roundtable discussion hosted by sanofi-aventis, a French pharmacy company that has developed the most effective malaria drug treatment.

Boozman is cosponsor of a House Resolution that supports the goals and ideals of Malaria Awareness Day whose passage will show Congress' continued commitment to fighting and beating malaria.
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